Camp Cousnelor 

2021 Camp Counselor Information Coming Soon! 

Interested in applying for a camp counselor or CIT position?  Start by reading this Camp Counselor Letter.  The letter will explain the following documents and the process for applying: 

Part A Camp Counselor Application 

Part B Standards and Code of Conduct 

Part C Health Form

Part D Returning Camp Counselor Evaluation

Part E Letter of Reccomendation 

Camp Counselor Job Description

Applications are due October 1, 2019. 

Junior Fair Board 

The Junior Fairboard is the backbone to the success of the Junior Fair - from picking awards, organizing shows, and making the tough rule decisions. As a JFB member, you are a working member of a team. Team members are composed of 4-H and FFA members who meet the age requirements. 

To apply, complete the survey at this link:

The advisor reccomendation form (required for first year board members) can be completed at this link:

Applicaitons are due by November 6, 2020. 


Outstanding Senior 4-H Member Scholarship

The Mercer County 4-H Committee will be awarding up to $1,500 in scholarships to Mercer County 4-H members. Any member who is currently enrolled and active in their 4-H club may apply the year in which they are graduating high school. 

Please see the applicaiton and reccomendation form for more information: 

Outstanding 4-H Senior Member Applicaiton 

Outstanding 4-H Senior Member Recommendation Form 

Applicaitons are due Friday, March 2, 2020