Camp Counselor

Interested in applying for a camp counselor or CIT position?  Start by reading this Camp Counselor Letter.  The letter will explain the following documents and the process for applying: 

First Time Applicants: 

Application Survey

Letter of Reccomendation 

Camp Counselor Job Description

Interviews - Tuesday, November 21 from 4:00-5:00 PM @ the Extension Office

2023 and Previous CIT's and Counselors: 

Application Survey 

Camp Counselor Job Description 

Applications are due November 1, 2023


Junior Fair Board 

The Junior Fairboard is the backbone to the success of the Junior Fair - from picking awards, organizing shows, and making the tough rule decisions. As a JFB member, you are a working member of a team. Team members are composed of 4-H and FFA members who meet the age requirements. 

To apply, complete the survey here

The advisor reccomendation form (required for first year board members) can be completed here

Applicaitons are due by November 1, 2023 


Outstanding Senior 4-H Member Scholarship

The Mercer County 4-H Committee will be awarding a minimum of $1,500 in scholarships to Mercer County 4-H members. Any member who is currently enrolled and active in their 4-H club may apply the year in which they are graduating high school. 

Please see the applicaiton and reccomendation form for more information: 

Outstanding 4-H Senior Member Application

Outstanding 4-H Senior Member Recommendation Form 

Applicaitons are due March 1, 2024