April 15, 2020 - 11:19am -- bowers.360@osu.edu

  • Keep working on the project you signed up for – especially if you are comfortable with it!  Think outside the box to complete your learning experiences and leadership/citizenship activities throughout the book. 
  • Consider one of the stay at home projects - https://ohio4h.org/stayathomeprojects.  These projects books can be printed off and you can begin working on them immediately. This is also an easy way to explore other books/projects with no commitment. 
  • Have you thought about changing to a Self-Determined project?  They are designed for members who have a great project idea or someone who is ready to go beyond a current project book.  Want to do a Self -Determined project, but don’t have an idea?  Check out the idea starters!  https://ohio4h.org/selfdetermined
  • Beth Guggenbiller, our 4-H Educator, prepared a new Self Determined Idea Starter geared specifically to this unique time we are in – My Stay-at-Home Summer!  This project has ideas for supporting your family and community, exploring new things, and making the best of summer during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are hoping this idea starter will be released by April 27 – keep an eye on your email for updates! 


If you would like to change your project – we have extended the drop/add deadline to May 15, 2020 to allow members time to make that decision accordingly.  Please email Erica Bowers (bowers.360@osu.edu) with any changes that you would like to make.   

We understand that there are some members that didn’t received their project books before our office closed.  At this time, we cannot distribute books from our office due to the temporary closure. 

How can you get your project book while our office is closed?  If you would like to buy a print copy of a Perfect Stay-at-Home project or any other project book, you can order directly from extensionpubs.osu.edu with one of these special discounts for Ohio residents: FREE2020  (for free shipping) OR 20IN2020 (20% off the entire order).  Use the coupon that works best for you. Orders can be shipped directly to a person’s home as long as it is an Ohio address. Please review your order carefully. No returns are accepted.  There is no restriction on the number of times a coupon can be used.  See printable ordering instructions HERE.

Members will need to pay for their books upfront with this option. Once you have purchased the book, email Erica Bowers (bowers.360@osu.edu) a copy of the receipt or order confirmation and a reimbursement check will be mailed directly to your home once we return to the office.

As you are aware, all 4-H programming is canceled until July 6 which falls the same week as our judging dates. At this time, the Ohio State Fair judging is still scheduled and we will move forward with our regular scheduled judging.  If further regulations are given from OSU or Governor DeWine, we will make the necessary adjustments. There are many other ways we are exploring on how to perform judging to ensure our members are given the best experience. We must be flexible, open minded and understand that judging may need to look and operate different than what we are used to but a version of judging will be performed by the end of the program year.